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Two young beautiful black females with colorful ski gear in Bulgaria.

It’s October 2020, and Black History Month is only three months away, so the time to start preparing is NOW! Last year, I remember being appalled when a major travel brand waited until January 29 to reach out to Black influencers for a Black History Month campaign. You read that right, January 29 — two days before February — and they expected everyone to jump at the opportunity as if the exposure of being on their social channel was enough that we just couldn’t pass it up. Some content creators declined, hoping they’d understand our value and letting them know BLACK CONSUMERS AREN’T AN AFTERTHOUGHT. Some content creators came to their rescue, as it was clear they were desperate and our compensation would finally match our value as they were pressed for time. …

Change is instant, and in the blink of an eye, your outlook on an issue can transform. Once you are informed and inspired to be an industry leader, there is the opening to create your own lane. In 2019 I worked tirelessly to assure the travel industry not only saw, but heard me. I decided I would stop at no cost to spread the message that every traveler matters and until this industry acknowledged it, I’d keep showing up, presenting financial statistics, and challenging the industry to connect with inclusive communities in every way. …

On Jan.3, 2019 I released a diversity in travel report card that graded travel brands, tourism boards, travel conferences and the overall marketing in the industry. For those of you that don’t know this topic is EXHAUSTING and as an African American woman I constantly feel disrespected and ignored due to lack of representation.

For the last year I’ve been speaking out on this issue on podcasts, at conferences and private travel events. I’ve expressed my concerns to the “guilty” parties directly on social media, I’ve emailed them, I’ve called their offices. I have reached out to them every way I know how and I know they have heard me, yet no change has occurred. …

As the Creative Lead for NOMADNESS Tribe I love all the pictures we get tagged in daily! They are beautiful, they are inspiring and we appreciate all our followers spreading their melanin goodness for the world to see ! I come across so many dope pictures of travelers and animals and I want everyone to understand why I don’t repost most of them.

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Certain establishments abuse animals when we can’t see and in plain sight! …


Martinique Lewis

Diversity in travel consultant, Digital revolutionary , Travel industry Geek with one mission, to change the face of tourism forever!

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